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Reasons Why You Should Feel Safe Submitting an Electronic Medical Claim


For many years, both doctors and patients have had to deal with submitting medical claims. Up until lately, claims were submitted physically, using HCFA 1500 forms. An electronic medical claim makes it possible for the submission procedure to happen online.


The electronic medical claim is not new, but it is maybe an unclear idea to many facilities and patients as one question which repeatedly comes in the minds of both parties: Is submitting an electronic medical claim secure? The following are some of the reasons why you should make use of electronic medical claim.


Security. Addressing the subject of safety first, it is clear the caution to submit medical claims by electronic means. To start with, the internet is still a fairly a modern tool which many people are still getting the hang of. You need to rest assured, submitting an electronic medical claim is safe. With the development of online technology comes the development of online safety. The electronic billing software allows for back-ups and also security clearance so that just the approved viewers can access the electronic medical claim archives. For further details regarding Medical Claims Processing , check out http://htm.wikia.com/wiki/Risk_Management.


Compliance. The servers use a specific claims clearinghouse software with each claim, and this guarantees extra security and responsiveness all over the claim cycle. Additionally to maintaining HIPAA compliance, electronic medical claim software complies with HCFA 1500 rules. All the information that is transmitted through the Internet meets the same compliance standards just as the manual claim system.


Simplicity. Additionally, to security and compliance, medical claims processing software software can boast simplicity in the processing of the claims. In many instances, a practice has to struggle to get the system to function ultimately. They as well have to contest with many other firms submitting the claims. The electronic medical claim system makes it possible for facilities to only log on to an online account, prepare, and submit claims, with the use of a secure and compliant system.


Response. The other concern that is shared by hospitals and patients alike is the slow response of claims. Repayments and claims usually have a slow turnaround time, and the two parties tend to have to wait to see them posted. In the electronic medical claim system, EOB posting is automatic. There is no need for waiting around for the EOB to come through the mail. Precision is increased and the time for waiting decreases with the electronic transmittal.